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Holy Stone HS700D Review: Mavic air Mini’s best Budget alternative

Drones are getting better and better. in fact, the technologies in more expensive drones are being combined with cheaper ones. As a matter of fact, everyone knows that the DJI Mavic Air Mini comes to be one of the best Mid-range drones around there. But the question is: is it really worth all of that amount of money? is it good for beginners and new pilots? that said we took a quick overview of the Mavic Air, and then picked the Holy Stone HS700D as its best alternative for beginners that delivers good budget performance.

DJI MAVIC AIR Mini: Quick Overview

“The DJI Mavic Air Mini is the near-perfect love child of the very successful Mavic Pro and the compact and user-friendly Spark. It’s a consumer drone that highlights DJI’s commitment to innovation. “Techradar


The DJI Mavic Air mini is very popular in drone communities due to its outstanding performance as a mid-range drone. Starting with the battery life, the drone comes with a chargeable remote controller with a 2400 mAh battery that delivers up to 30 minutes of fly time with a 4km Max Flight Distance (no wind). In Sport mode, it can reach a max speed of 14 kph in windless conditions which makes it a powerful drone for shooting cinematic or even short films. The Aircraft weighs 249g (8.78 oz), it’s considered to be light compared to others, and the size is portable and foldable which would make you carry it around easily.

When it comes to cost, DJI offers a starting price of $399. The Mavic Air mini is cheaper than its bigger Pro sibling. Paying this price gets you the drone, a battery, the proprietary charger, a redesigned remote controller, a small carrying case, four propeller guards, and two full sets of propellers. (as per the advertisement).

Pros & Cons

  • good portability
  • foldable
  • 2.7k video
  • Gesture control
  • short battery life
  • no side sensors
  • it doesn’t come with landing gears*
  • some customers had difficulties with the app
is the DJI Mavic Air Mini worth it?

is the DJI Mavic Air Mini worth it?

The short answer is Yes: well, It has the smarts of the mid-range Phantom drones, I would definitely recommend this drone for experienced pilots and those who want to take the flying experience to a whole new level. However, it’s not recommended for beginners, especially since we have a rival that has competitive specs with a very less price.

The Holy Stone HS700D: Best Cheap Alternative

Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone with 4K FHD Camera Live Video and GPS Return Home, RC Quadcopter for Adults Beginners with Brushless Motor, Follow Me, 5G WiFi Transmission, Modular Battery Advanced Selfie
3,101 Reviews
Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone with 4K FHD Camera Live Video and GPS Return Home, RC Quadcopter for Adults Beginners with Brushless Motor, Follow Me, 5G WiFi Transmission, Modular Battery Advanced Selfie
  • 4K FHD 90°Adjustable Camera with 5G Transmission: The upgraded camera...
  • GPS Assisted Flight: With GPS location, the drone can hover stably and...
  • 22 Mins Max Flight Time: The High-capacity 2800mAh intelligent battery yields up...

Why Holy Stone HS700D?

Holy Stone HS700D

We will not put the MAVIC AIR mini aside without providing an alternative, saying again, our two main reasons for refusing the DJI drone are the price/not being beginner-friendly. Yet, that’s the main reason for suggesting The Holy Stone HS700D as its best alternative for new pilots. so let’s put our Holy Stone HS700D under the sope.


  • Weight: 370 g
  • Size: 220 x 220 x 155 mm
  • Camera: Upgraded 2K camera(2048*1152P) with 5G transmission
  • GPS Quadcopter ready to fly
  • Battery: 2800mAh
  • Flight Time: 22Mins
  • Wifi: 5.0Ghz Wifi FPV
  • 2.4Ghz two-way communication (for the remote controller)
  • Motor: Brushless motor
  • Range: 3280ft of Max Control Range
  • Wifi range: 2600ft


The box is nice and good-looking with images of the product and lots of info about the drone with a carrying handle as well. Accompanying the drone you will get one transmitter with a phone holder, a battery & a USB charger, 2 landing gears a Screwdriver, and 8 propellers. The drone itself is lightweight(608g) and feels like it’s made of strong plastic, but not too light to make it feel cheap. The remote is made with the same materials it’s ergonomic in hands and easy to handle.

What you will get in the box:

  • HS700 Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • Drone Battery
  • Propeller x 8
  • Landing Gear x 2
  • USB Cable
  • Screwdriver
  • Propeller Spanner
  • Camera
  • Camera Holder
  • Phone Holder
  • Balance Charger
  • Charge Transfer Box
  • Pouch
  • Logbook
  • Manual

Holy Stone HS700D


If you enjoy this drone, (and you will mostly), be wise to invest in another battery to increase your flying sessions. The included battery performs very well and gives 20 minutes of flight, moreover, the recharging process is safe & slow as to not overheat the battery. Holy Stone even included a protective container to place the battery in during charging and storage in case of a battery malfunction.


As for the camera, it has a detachable sports camera. The main camera that comes with the drone is a 2K a 90° degree adjustable camera with a 110° field of view and 5G transmission that stores a 3840*2160P in TF card at 25fps or 1920*1080P straight to your mobile phone. The best part, the camera can be easily switched even with a GoPro 7. So there will always be a space for upgrading.

Must-read Tips

As we’ve said in the intro, Drones are getting better by the time. But, instead of learning the hard way, you have to know a couple of things before you fly a drone for the first time; otherwise, it is really easy to lose the drone in less than ten minutes.

First of all, no drone, including this one, has great instructions; it is unfortunate but it is a reality. You got to watch some Youtube videos before your first flight.

Second, don’t fly in an area with lots of trees and power lines (maybe you can do that when you become a more experienced pilot), The follow-me function that is available only on the free “Ophelia” app is cool, but keep a close eye on your drone. It does not have obstacle avoidance built-in and will fly into a tree or other obstacle as it follows you.

With the Holy Stone HS700D, make sure the GPS switch on the remote control is in the “on” position; if it’s not, it is really easy to lose the drone. Read every single word of the manual before you fly. If you prepare and do things right, this is a wonderful and really fun drone to fly, especially at this price.


the Holy Stone HS700D has the best value in this price range and it’s absolutely worth it. furthermore, you can STILL go for more Cheaper alternatives. The drone has nice features and specs comparable to more expensive ones, it’s easy to fly and The controls are smooth. Thanks to GPS follow me and tracking system, you will have a good experience and enjoy using The Holy Stone HS700D. The camera has amazing video quality, well not as good as the DJI, but for the price, it’s amazing and beginner-friendly.

Pros & Cons

  • Simple and easy to Control

  • good camera quality
  • Follow Me/Auto return

  • Fast Transmission

  • Works with IOS and android devices

  • beginner’s friendly
  • Camera a little bit laggy on far distance
  • works for devices that able to pick up 5g Wi-Fi signal only

  • comes with only 1 battery that takes 5h to charge
BestCheapOnes.com's recommended for beginners

Holy Stone 700D Vs Dji Mavic AIR Mini

ProductHoly Stone 700DMavic AIR mini
battery size2800mAh2400mAh
CameraHD Camera with 110° FOV1/2.3-Inch sensor with 83° FOV
Video ResolutionRecords videos in 2K2.7K
FPV Range400 meters4km
Image Resolution
Captures images in 4k
Intelligent Flight Modes
Tracking, Orbit & Waypoint
Flight Time26 Minutes30 Minutes
Approx. Price$230$799
Comparison table


Both of these drones have excellent performance, they hover accurately, both are easy to control, and most of the features work as advertised. Furthermore, The comparison between the DJI Mavic Mini and Holy Stone HS700 drone is a never-ending discussion. Both brands come with outstanding mid-range options, offering some of the best features you’d love to see in a drone.

Yet, the Mavic Air mini outstands the Holy stone HS700D in some features like the camera for example. However, the HS700D is also a good drone especially for its value it comes with intelligent flight modes to help beginners and has a longer flight time.

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Holy Stone HS700D Review: Mavic air Mini's best Budget alternativelong story short, THE Holy Stone HS700D is a great drone with decent features and can deliver the best experience for beginners and new pilots.