Your Guide To Heat Lamp Bulbs: What you should know before buying one

By Yassine TN

A heat lamp bulb, as the name indicates, is an incandescent lamp used for the primary application of generating heat. They basically use heat to warm an area by raising the temperature of a fixture similar to a light fixture. Heat lamps are also known as infrared emitters lamps or emitters due to the infrared rays they use to heat objects that lie underneath them. There are several types of heat lamps, including red heat lamps which are the most common. those lamps also come in various wattages, voltages, and sizes.

How does a Heat Lamp work?

As we’ve mentioned above, a Heat lamp bulb is a lamp with the main purpose of producing heat, it operates on the same regulations as regular house lamps but produces much more infrared light. This infrared light creates more radiant heat and allows the heat lamp to be used as a source of warmth than an incandescent lamp. Sometimes the reflector of the light bulb is colored to cut out to higher frequency and bright light, those filters or reflectors will let only the infrared light through.

The red heat lamps are the most commonly used especially for places where heat and low-light are both important.

What are heat lamp bulbs used for?

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Since heat lamps are made specifically to generate heat, they can be used n many applications where the heat has primary importance, such as:

  • food services: in kitchens and restaurants to keep food warm
  • bathrooms and public showers
  • animal enclosures: installed near hatchling chickens to facilitate the hatching of eggs and help keep baby chickens, piglets, or other baby animals warm.
  • chemical and paint drying.
  • Heating lamps can also be used for medical or healing purposes, for example, people with chronic conditions or short-term injuries can use these lamps to warm their injuries and muscle tension that need gentle heat.

    In case of cold, a healthy dose of some types of heat lamp bulbs can often help.

Note: Some heat lamps are safety coated. Many safety-coated lamps generate a shred amount of gas when the coating gets burned, and this gas can be fatal to birds! So make sure to always read through the warnings and product details before making a purchase.

Types of heat lamp Bulbs

heat lamp bulb

There are no specific types of heat lamps to be clear, since they come in many shapes, waves, power, and use… But we can say that there are two primary types of heat lamp bulbs

  • Red heat Lamps: those lamps are designed to emit less visible light, this is basically done with red filters, those lights are more usable for situations where both darkness and heat are needed
  • Clear heat lamps: function the same as red lamps in terms of heat production, there is no such deference to consider except that clear/frosted heat lamps will deliver whatever intensity of light their infrared radiation wavelength produces, without attempting to reduce it. Those lamps are also slightly cheaper than other types

There is also another way to define the types of heat lamps which is the wavelength – short, medium, or long wave. each one of those has its Pros and Cons

  • Short Wave Heat Lamps: short wave infrared is the brightest and hottest type f lamp and is better at covering greater distances and surfaces. It’s best used for outdoor and direct heating tasks. This type is found on clear heat lamp bulbs 
  • Medium/Long wave heat lamps: This type of lamp is cooler and has dimmer light due to the red glow. They are shorter in range and better absorbed by subjects. They are good in small areas.

Wattage& Temperature Guide

  • 25 watts: 62.5°F to 66°F
  • 50 watts: 62.5°F to 71.5°F
  • 75 watts: 62.5°F to 75°F
  • 100 watts: 62.5°F to 78.5°F
  • 150 watts: 62.5°F to 84°F
  • 200+ watts: 62.5°F to 89.5°F

Some heat lamp bulbs you might consider

down below we’ve put together a list of the best heat lamps, using the guide above you should know how to pick and chose the suitable lamp for you depending on your need, yet we did our research to help you out with some picks.

1.  KOR Heat Lamp General use

  • Type: Red Heat Lamp
  • Wattage: 250
  • Voltage: 120
  • Interface: Medium base E26
  • Shape: BR40
  • Apx.Life: 6,000 hours

For around $17 you’ll get a pack of 2 heat lamp bulbs that will do the job of keeping your indoor bathroom warm at a medium range, it’s made for that purpose specifically. Moreover, it also does the job well outdoor as well, especially if you keep it near your doorway to keep your dog or cat warm at night.

The KOR heat lamp is one of the best out there, it comes with a total of 6,000 hours of usage that’s more than 8 months of continuous usage. if you only use it during winter and on cold days, this lamp can last for years.

Best intended for animal use

2.  IOOTSEA Reptile Aquarium Heat Lamp


  • Type: Halogen
  • Wattage: 50
  • Voltage: 110-120
  • Interface: base E27

The IOOTSEA heat lamp bulb is a high-intensity bulb designed specifically for use with reptiles, tortoises, or baby birds. These bulbs have been designed to provide a consistent amount of heat output while maintaining a low wattage consumption. This heat lamp is commonly used indoors and in other enclosed environments where precise temperature control is desired. It’s designed to generate sunlight waves to ensure supply the sufficient amount of UV rays that those animals need, which can effectively help digest food, increase the appetite and keep your pet healthy.

The IOOTASEA heat lamp holder is made of ceramic and is heat-resistant, durable, and flexible. The lamp provides 50 Watts of power at a short range, which is exactly what pets require. The temperature is fully adjustable. You can adjust the brightness, temperature, and distance of the heating lamp head using a switch.

3.  Fischuel Reptile Heat Lamp

110 Reviews

  • Type: Fluorescent
  • Wattage: 25/50
  • Voltage: 110
  • Interface: Supports E27
  • Apx.Life: 5,600 hours

The Fischuel Reptile Heat lamp is a small, portable, and affordable heating device designed specifically for reptiles. It uses infrared technology to provide warmth without damaging the skin of the reptile. The heating lamp supports.

The Fischuel Reptile Heat Lamp is universal and can support 25W or 50W. It can GENERATE UV to simulate sunlight, it’s suitable for UV bulbs, ceramic heat emitters, and other types of light which make it ideal for all types of reptiles, tortoises, baby birds, and snakes.
Out of the box, you’ll get 2 bulbs of 25W and 50W, a dimmable switch, a safety clamp, and a goose-neck.

4.  MINGBON Reptile Aquarium Heat Lamp

  • Type: warm white bulb
  • Wattage: 2x25
  • Voltage: 110
  • Interface: Supports E27
  • Comes with a timer

When it comes to heat lamps for reptiles, the MINGBON Reptile Aquarium Heat Lamp has nothing new to offer, except that it comes with a timer to set for autostop, which can be automatically turned off after 2 hours, 4 hours, or 8 hours according to your needs. Additionally, the 3-level temperature control allows you to set the temperature based on your pet’s environment and needs. As for the heat lamp, it is durable and made with ceramic(Lamp) and stainless steel (tube). The design is practical, it can be easily clamped on the aquarium or fish tank. The angle and height are easy to adjust (360° rotatable) to better target the pet.

heat lamp bulb for pets
Source: Amazon

5.  DGE Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb

632 Reviews

  • Type: Warm white/ ‎Dimmable
  • Wattage: 100
  • Voltage: 120
  • Interface: E26
  • Approx. life: 2000 hours

DGE Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb is the best lamp for the value, it’s long-lasting and made with durable material, this bulb can last for up to 2000 hours. It generates 100 watts of power which is more than enough for reptiles and amphibians.

Best for pain relief and medical use

6.  Beurer IL50 Infrared Heat Lamp

151 Reviews

  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Wattage: 300
  • Red light surface: 6.5 inches x 6 inches
  • Min distance: 12 - 16 (inches)
  • Treatment area: 11.8 X 15.7
  • Safety features: UV Free, built-in timer, Overheat protection.

Heat lamp bulbs intended for medical and therapies are slightly different than regular bulbs or those made for pets, Yet comes at a higher price tag. That being said, we’ve picked a few of those lamps that you might consider.

Since its foundation in 1919 Beurer has become the world leader in blood pressure monitors and therapeutic heating products The Breuer Infrared Lamp is one of the most rated and trusted red lamps in the market, it offers an excellent and well-proven alternative to pharmacy treatments.

The device offers a lot out of the box. it’s used for temporary relief of muscle stiffness, knee, and joint pain, and improves cardiovascular health (blood circulation). The device can also be used to treat colds and bronchial congestion by reducing inflammation, which helps to clear clogged passages. It treats a large area of the body at once, and for only $60, the lamp is much more affordable than similar products on the market today.

7.  Red Light Therapy Infrared Heating Wand by Theralamp

1,154 Reviews

  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Wattage: 300
  • Red light surface: 6.5 inches x 6 inches
  • Min distance: 11.8 - 15.7 (inches)
  • Treatment area: 11.8 X 15.7
  • Safety features: UV Free, built-in timer, Overheat protection, automatic switch off

The Theralamp Infrared Red Light Wand is a creative medical device that can effectively relieve pain from aching joints and muscles. This is an excellent product for athletes. But it can also be useful to anyone who suffers from pain in their muscles or joints due to various conditions.

Unlike several different products, red light therapy is a lightweight and portable device that works by penetrating the skin with a wave that simulates sunlight, but without the dangers of UVA UVB rays. Moreover, the device is not hot and doesn’t harm the skin it requires a precise wavelength of 660nm red light and 900nm near-infrared light, to provide an effective treatment.

The body is made with a ceramic glass plate and it features an adjustable screen that covers 11.8″ x 15.7″ of the body with a 6.5″ x 6″ redlight surface. The device comes with a 6-foot-long cord and has an angled head to reach any area of the body with ease.

8.  RHIMP medical heat lamp


  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Wattage: 275
  • Red light surface: 6.5 inches x 6 inches
  • Min distance: 18 -30 (inches)
  • Treatment area: 11.8 X 15.7
  • Safety features: UV Free, built-in timer, Overheat protection, automatic switch off

This is an advanced red light bulb that can be used not only at home but also by specialists in beauty salons or professional therapy cabins.
The product features a 275-watt lamp, a 66-inch stand that combines an arm and a heat lamp, and a control panel that has 3 buttons, one to adjust the heating level, the second for the timer, and a switch On/Off button.
The 275-watt high-power infrared lamp delivers enough light to help with muscle soreness, shoulder discomfort, elbow pain, and other joint pain. The 360-degree rotating head and the adjusting arm can adjust the Angle, allowing you to adjust the height to keep your focus anywhere. The temperature can be easily adjusted, as well as the timer that you can set for up to 60 minutes. However, it’s advised to follow the instruction for each device, usually, a session of 5 to 15 minutes is enough to relieve pain and discomfort, and you need to sit at least 18” away from the heat lamp as well.


What are heat lamp bulbs?

Heat lamps are special types of incandescent bulbs. They are made to generate as much heat as possible through infrared radiation, they are often called infrared lamps or IR bulbs. They come in different types and shapes and colors. Their ability to warm quickly and efficiently makes them ideal in many temperature-critical applications such as medical use, plants, and animals.

Why heat lamp bulbs are good for pets?

Amphibians, tortoises, and baby birds need natural sunlight in order to keep healthy and normal growth, and since you’ll be raising those pets indoors, a heat lamp bulb is a must-have. The UVA heating bulb can simulate the natural spectrum, increase pet appetite and help digest food. Make reptiles more active and create a comfortable environment for your pet.

How do you know the ideal bulb for your pet?

Amphibians, tortoises, and baby birds need natural sunlight in order to keep healthy and normal growth, and since you’ll be raising those pets indoors, a heat lamp bulb is a must-have. The UVA heating bulb can simulate the natural spectrum, increase pet appetite and help digest food. Make reptiles more active and create a comfortable environment for your pet.
This type of lamp can be used for 2-4 hours a day. It is not recommended to use animal light bulbs as a backup light source for long-term lighting.
The temperatures average at specified distances may vary based on size, height, or type of enclosure.

What type of therapy can a heat lamp provide?

Red light therapy (RLT) is a non-invasive treatment that uses red light to treat various conditions. They provide a soothing and warming infrared light which is effective for:
Blood circulation
Treating muscle pain
Relieve joint and knee pain
and many other skin conditions.

Safety Tips

Good quality heat lamps are designed and built with high safety standards, however, it’s better to follow each product’s instructions.
Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure to read each product specification before placing an order either using one of our affiliate links or from any other market.
  • Make sure you set up your heat lamp, wires & connectors out of reach and firmly secured (especially if you have kids or toddlers).
  • Keep your product clear of all flammable materials.
  • Keeping away from any sources of liquid.
  • Check for signs of wear or damage regularly and replace if necessary.
  • Avoid leaving the product or any other high-power electrical running overnight or around the clock unless it is necessary and under monitoring.
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