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A Guide To The Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50

Gaming keyboards are made for gamers specifically, they are more advanced and designed to optimize the user’s gaming experience. that’s why a gaming keyboard is way more expensive than a regular one. However, in this blog, we made sure to get you a list of the best gaming keyboard under $50, yet with the best value and quality for the price.

Things to consider before buying a cheap gaming keyboard

Gaming Keyboard Vs Regular keyboard

Normal keyboards are made to maintain normal uses(like typing and accessing shortcuts easily)and there has no special key, are less durable, have no RGB lights, and generally have fewer or no options compared to the gaming keyboard.

On the other hand, a simple definition of a gaming keyboard is that it’s an advanced keyboard with features made especially for gaming. Some features are supposed to enhance your performance, like mechanical keys to reduce response time, RGB Backlights, programmable keys dedicated to gaming, and ergonomic design.

The switches used on the keyboard: mechanical vs. membrane vs. rubber domes

Rubber and membrane dome keyboards are cheaper than their mechanical equivalents, they use lots of plastic and rubber, unlike mechanical keyboards which manage to use metal plates. This type of membrane keyboard cannot provide a fast response time as mechanical keyboards do. however, the last one is more expensive

Backlighting: RGB vs. one-color backlight

Backlighting is very helpful while typing in the dark and in low-light environments. besides, it makes the keyboard looks amazing. Some keyboards come with a single light, others will come with customizable RGB colors but it’s more expensive. both are looking good and it’s up to the user’s budget and taste.

best gaming keyboards under $50

More features

  • The wrist rest: some keyboards will come with the wrist rest with will make it more comfortable.
  • Multimedia keys: another useful feature of gaming keyboards
  • Accessories: like a carry bag, one keycap puller, spare gaming keycaps, and USB passthrough for charging other devices using the keyboard. (the more it costs the more features you’ll get)

That being said let’s go through our list of the Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100 Dollars  you can have for your budget

1.  Redragon K552 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Most rated

24,761 Reviews

  • Dustproof...
  • Rainbow LED RGB backlit with 19 different lighting effects
  • Ergonomically designed for the best feeling


The Redragon K552 is one of the Best Gaming Keyboard Under $50, yet the most rated and the best when it comes to quality for such a price [less than $35]
This keyboard is amazing! That is all I can say about it. Typing on it is so comfortable and feels smooth on your fingers. The actuation force is perfect and the clicky clacky sound is so satisfying (especially coming from a quiet membrane keyboard).

But since this keyboard is 60% mechanical (Like all clicky mechanical keyboards these are very loud. There is a click as the key actuates halfway down and then a clack when it bottoms out.)
when it comes to size this tenkeyless keyboard is really nice for saving space! but you can still add a number pad if you want.

The LED lights are very bold and bright. When you turn the computer On, they are on full brightness. You can easily toggle the lights on/off or dim them using the keyboard (without installing any software). Basically, This is a perfect gaming keyboard for playing in a dark or dim room. also perfect for typing as well.


This is a great entry-level mechanical keyboard. If you don’t mind the fact that you can’t change the color, then there is no reason you shouldn’t buy this product.

Pros & Cons

  • Attractive design
  • Durable metal construction
  • Programmable keys

  • Expensive for the features

2.  Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard Climate-friendly

2,303 Reviews

  • 16M RGB colors
  • Integrated palm rest
  • Tactile performance keys tuned specifically for gaming
  • Dedicated media control keys


Logitec is well known when it comes to gaming, one of their best cheap gaming keyboards yet the best is the G213 that we have now, It reacts much faster than other membrane keyboards(4 times faster than standard keyboards) which are excellent for entry gamers and professional gamers as well.

This Keyboard looks fantastic, feels good, and comes with a lot of features in a combination that is not easy to find in other brands, especially an affordable one. Price, RGB, Media Keys. If you want a decent quality, affordable, RGB, Gaming membrane keyboard, then the Logitec G213 is your best choice especially if you have a Logitec gaming mouse, it has the “G” logo to match your mouse and that’s another reason to go for it.

RGB backlighting is the best feature of this gaming keyboard, usually, the RGB feature will cost a lot, but that’s not the case with the G213 which gives you the option to choose from 16.8 Million Lighting Colors.


The biggest selling point is that the keys feel smooth, they aren’t loud at all(since they’re not mechanical) but durable enough to last for long, and the media buttons are a great addition, besides, if you are a fan of RGB colors, then don’t think twice about it.

Pros & Cons

  • Rich and customizable RGB colors
  • Dedicated media keys
  • Tangle-free cable
  • good software
  • Game profile sync
  • Ergonomic with palm rest

  • Cheap materials

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3.  Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard The most durable

10,974 Reviews

  • All-around Gaming Performance: Able to execute up to ten commands at the same time.
  • Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Fully syncs with popular games.
  • Spill-Resistant Design: Built to withstand most accidental liquid splashes.


As per NPD Group(American market research company), the Razer Cynosa Chroma is the most selling Membrane gaming keyboard in the US [from Jan-May; 2019]
well, we can count so many reasons that make this keyboard worth it.
This keyboard is very Durable, it Supports up to 80 million clicks with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

The keyboard is Spill-resistant, made to resist most liquids. the keyboard is made of plastic – sturdy plastic to be specific. but It doesn’t feel bad at all, it doesn’t feel premium either. The switches don’t feel as good as genuine ones, they are not mechanical switches though, but much better than my other membrane keyboard.

another cool feature is the backlights, it comes with fully customizable RGB colors.
Overall this is a fantastic keyboard for the budget. it has all the features that you can find in the premium keyboard except that it’s not mechanical.


If you’re not into RGB and you haven’t been sucked into Razer’s ecosystem, this is probably not the best choice for you. You can get a decent mechanical keyboard for around the same price that will feel much more pleasant to type on. but If you’re an RGB guy who likes to play around with a lot of colors like me, this is an excellent option. Not forgetting to mention that this keyboard is very durable for such a price.

Pros & Cons

  • Spill-Resistant 
  • Durable
  • fantastic Colors
  • User-friendly software

  • Minor Deficulties while installing the driver

4.  NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard The cheapest

13,264 Reviews

  • 4 LED lighting backlit modes.
  • 26 anti-ghosting keys.
  • Ergonomic Splash-Proof Design.


This is the best cheap gaming keyboard so far [less than $20]. it has a high selling rate on amazon which makes it interesting to review.

It’s a Very heavy and sturdy-feeling keyboard with a mechanical typing feel. it actually has the cool feature that you find in more expensive alternatives, especially the backlighting.

That said, The RGB backlighting is nice and bright, The LED lights are impressive and boast three different color settings as well as a mode to cycle through all three, yet, the variety of effects is fantastic, and changing between them is smooth. Besides, it retains your most recent setting even after shutting down, which is something not many other keyboards in this price range can do.

– The black keys on the silver backing provide a very elegant and good shape, and the silver helps reflect the backlighting to make it even more brilliant.
– The keys have a wonderfully tactile feel and provide a solid click when pressed that you would expect with blue switches, it will give you the mechanical feeling.
– The footprint of the keyboard is minimal, but without sacrificing functionality. Full media controls are available by using the function key and the top row of keys. as it doesn’t support separate media buttons.


If you are looking for an attractive “mechanical like” keyboard with RGB backlighting for a reasonable price that is under $20 then this is your best choice. simply it’s the best in such a price range! however, I wouldn’t recommend buying this keyboard if you’re going to use it for typing.

Pros & Cons

  • multimedia keys combinations
  • Non-slip ergonomic
  • spill-resistant design

  • not the best typing experience
  • keys are wobbly

5.  Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

9,164 Reviews

  • Dynamic RGB backlighting across three zones, with full customization of colors and lighting.
  • Dust and spill-resistant design rated up to IP42 protection guards against accidents.
  • Six programmable macro keys.
  • customizable macro keys


This keyboard from corsair will meet your expectations for such a price [under $50]. When you first connect it to your computer you will be met with an over-the-top moving display of colors flowing across the entire keyboard which is very distracting but, thankfully it’s easy to change with just a few keystrokes. the keyboard comes with cool RGB colors, You can make it all one color if you want and choose the color you like or make each zone a different color.

The keyboard is lightweight like most cheap keyboards, lighter even than the Regular Dell keyboard most of us have, however that’s not a disadvantage actually. The letters and symbols are centered on the keys and a bit bolder in font than average keyboards. The keys are not individually illuminated but there are enough LEDs to give it a good appearance. Although the keys themselves are not mechanical, they feel perfect while typing and will give you the mechanical feeling, it’s a nice tactile experience. so it is a good keyboard to type on or use for gaming or both!

This keyboard has six programmable keys in a vertical column to the left of the main section. well, these are primarily intended for gamers, but they are also useful in a more traditional office environment to create quick access to specific programs or functions.

overall this keyboard is good for daily use and gaming as well. It has all the features for the best possible experience, Obviously, this is not going to have the same features as something higher like a K70. What you get is RGB coloring, solid membrane keys, media, volume, and playback controls, as well as 6 different macro keys to bind to one, or multiple keys in a row.


This is not the cheapest gaming keyboard but For a budget-friendly membrane keyboard, this thing is packed up with features usually found only in more expensive keyboards!

Pros & Cons

  • Competitive price
  • high profile keys
  • Included wrist rest
  • No software is needed for RBG lighting
  • Programmable keys
  • media buttons

  • not that durable

More gaming keyboards for the budget

No products found.


In order to obtain the cheap gaming keyboard deal for the lowest price you need to sacrifice some features, I’m not talking about the options like RGB, media keys, or mechanical switches as we’ve covered all of those, but I’m talking about durability and materials, in this case, it’s up to you to keep your keyboard alive for a long time. With good use, any product can last for years, after all, unlike gaming mice keyboards are more durable, and most computer components are made to last.

Long story short the best Gaming keyboard under $50 doesn’t have to be bad at all, it hides all the features that can only be found in the most expensive ones.

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