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Best External Hard Drives [under $50]

When it comes to mass storage, backing up files, and systems, or keeping your private folders safe and secured, an external HDD is a must-have, since finding the best one is quite easy as long as you’re paying a lot of money. However, finding a budget external hard drive with good quality and fast speed is our job, that said, we did our best putting together a list of the Best External Hard Drives that you can have for under $50!

Why would you need an external hard drive?

While the internal hard disk is inside the case of the computer/laptop and connected directly to the motherboard, the external hard disk drive is connected from the outside through a USB cable and that’s why external HDDs(Hard Disk Drive) are handy, easy to use and very beneficial. The main use is keeping your files and data safe and secure, storing large files and data, backing up systems, and everything that an internal HDD can do except that you can take it anywhere and use them with any other device that supports external HDDs like consoles, computers, and laptops which is another advantage!

Also, external hard drives are so useful for gamers, it’s an affordable way to extend the capacity of your Xbox or PlayStation console.

Even if it’s not used for all of the above, they still can provide a useful way to expand your computer storage without having to open it up.

How much space do you need before buying an external HDD?

well, that’s up to you and what you will use the device for, most people use it for multiple purposes, others will use it to store small files, or video, or  video games,

in this guide, we tried to determine the potential spaces needed to store a specific type of file

  • Documents: less than 50GB
  • Software: 100-150GB
  • Media(Images, videos, photos): 250-500GB
  • games: 500GB -1TB
  • HD, 4K videos: 1-2tb

generally, we recommend having a 1TB External HDD at least.

Best External Hard Drives under $50

1.  EAGET Portable External Hard Drive 500GB

  • 【Ready To Use】– Just Plug and Play feature ensures you to use directly...
  • 【Portable, Lightweight & Sturdy Design】– It is a personalized design from...
  • 【High Compatibility】– External hard drive is designed to compliment PS4...

This 500GB external hard drive might be low or inefficient for some, but for others, it is more than enough, The device is made of durable anti-scratch aluminum that offers strong protection. The design looks unique and has a light indicator to show whether the external hard disk drive is working.

The drive is powered with USB 3.0 which is faster than USB 2.0 allowing high-speed file transfer.

after all, this is the best that you can get for around 35 bucks, it does the job very well in storing personal data, files, or whatever you need, perfect as an extension for your console storage(PS4, PS5, XBOX..) or any other device or operating system (OS, Windows, or Linux).


2.  Western Digital 1TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive[Under $60]

  • Slim Design
  • Software for device management and backup with password protection. (Download...
  • 256-bit AES hardware encryption

WD(Western Digital) is an American hard disk drive manufacturer and a well-known data storage company, their products are known for their durability and good quality, their My Passport Portable External Hard Drive looks well constructed it comes with 3 deferent colors (Blue, black and pink) the size is quite handy and small (107.2mm by 75mm) when it comes to technology this external hard disk supports 3.0 USB, the software comes with great features such as auto backup and password protection which is a great advantage not found in other devices, just plug it in and it will work perfectly.

The device comes pre-formatted with FAT32 for windows and is covered with 3 years warranty by the manufacturer.

3.  Seagate Portable 1TB External Hard Drive HDD[Under $50]

  • Easily store and access 1TB to content on the go with the Seagate Portable...
  • Designed to work with Windows or Mac computers, this external hard drive makes...
  • To get set up, connect the portable hard drive to a computer for automatic...

Seagate is a popular data storage company and its HDDs are among the best in the market. One of their budget external hard drive of theirs is the (STGX1000400), for less than $50, you’ll get a 1TB device that is able to transfer files on a high-speed thanks to the USB 3.0 Technology (your PC or laptop must have a USB 3.0 port as well to take advantage of the high-speed. You can know if your device supports USB 3.0 or not by color. If the color is blue then you’re good otherwise you’ll get the average speed).

The device is durable and comes with a 1year warranty, and it works well on all devices(PC, Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox).

When it comes to speed, as we’ve mentioned it supports USB 3.0, but the manufacturer wasn’t clear about the speed of the device, but after testing it, the speed was around 1GB/1 minute. That is pretty much the average, but you can get up to 100MB/s which is not bad. After all, it’s up to the device you connect the external hard drive to.

4.  Toshiba Canvio Advance 1TB External Hard Drive

  • Compact design with four vibrant color options to fit your lifestyle
  • Up to 3TB of storage capacity to store your growing files and content
  • Toshiba storage backup software (downloadable) to easily back up your content...

This slim, lightweight 1TB Toshiba Canvio Advance offers a large capacity at a small price, it’s quite slower than The SSD but if you need a budget and reliable backup drive, then this is an affordable option that you should not miss. the speed is even higher than other competitors ( 150MB/s in read/Write tests.) Overall, the Toshiba Canvio is one of your best choices.

5.  KESU 1TB Ultra Slim Portable External Hard Drive [Under $50]

No products found.

If you want a cheap External Hard Drive with good quality, then the KESU is good for you, it’s only less than 10 to 15 dollars as other brands, but will have almost the same features, this external HDD works perfectly on Xbox and PS4 consoles, PC and Android as well, no need for any software just plug and it’s ready to use, unfortunately, it doesn’t support auto backup and password protection that you can find in other alternatives, but a great advantage about this device is that it’s super slim only 0.43 inch.
The device is covered with 3 years warranty by the manufacturer.

6.  Silicon Power 1TB Black Rugged Portable External Hard Drive [Under $50]

  • [PS4 PS5 / XBOX COMPATIBLE] Ideal for gaming enthusiasts Xbox One, Xbox 360,...
  • [ALL-ROUND DATA PROTECTION] Military-grade shockproof and IPX4 water-resistant...
  • [NO MORE MISSING CABLES] Cable-carry design for easy cable storage

One of the greatest features that one of us will look at when purchasing electronic devices is protection! when I say protection, I mean, shockproof and waterproof protection! if you want this feature then this silicon power device is the best for you, it’s backed up with Military-grade shockproof, anti-scratch surface, and IPX4 water-resistant protection. The device supports USB 3.1 with a fast transfer rate and is easy to plug in/out due to the Cable-carry design for easy cable storage so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

7.  Toshiba Canvio Basics 2TB Portable External Hard Drive

  • Sleek profile design with a matte, smudge resistance finish
  • Plug & play; Easy to use with no software to install. Requires reformatting for...
  • Quickly add more storage capacity to your PC and other compatible devices

We’ve also got a few options of 2TB external hard disk drives that hit the 50’s range in terms of cost, TOSHIBA Canvio Basics 2TB is one of those.

The HDD comes in a matte finish case, the body looks cheap though, but it’s acceptable. The drive supports a USB3.0/2.0 connection that has excellent read/write performance, easy to encrypt, and works on Windows, Xbox, PS4, and mac smoothly. The drive doesn’t come with a type c connection but it supports a USB type A to Micro USB type B cable instead, which is cool actually and does the job very well.


Tips to extend the life of your external hard drive and keep it healthy

  • Avoid dropping it, if you’re carrying it around make sure to put it in a container or a padded bag. If you’re not using it, put it in a safe spot. In case dropped, make sure to run a disk check test for any damaged sectors.
  • Dust is bad for electronics so keep it clean and keep the dust out.
  • Eject your device properly: click the ‘eject’ feature on the taskbar and give it the needed time to shut down properly
  • Keep your device cool by putting it in a spot where air can flow smoothly


It’s quite easy to find a cheap external hard drive, you can also buy a very expensive one! however, if you don’t keep good maintenance or use your device the wrong way it will end up damaged, so it’s better to take into consideration a few points while using an external drive.

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